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Products / October 1, 2019

The first nail product to incorporate glycolic acid, the popular skin-care ingredient in this fast-absorbing click pen removes dead cells in the same way it does in your favorite exfoliating facial salves and serums.Photo: Courtesy of Dr. Dana

Formulated with cultured pearl powder, this ultra-luxe cream gently resurfaces nails, to remove buildup and minimize ridging for a perfectly primed finish.Photo: Courtesy of Reverence de Bastien

While a typical emory board will create a lot of microscopic tears, says Stern, “crystal files don’t do that, ” she confirms. Bonus: they can be easily disinfected in the dishwasher.Photo: Courtesy of Margaret Dabbs

For those who prefer to push, rather than cut their cuticles, these easy-to-wield sticks are more durable than their wooden counterparts (and surprisingly fun to use).Photo: Courtesy of Elf Cosmetics

The lavender, vanilla, and orange essences in this made-in-Japan roller ball provide a small dose of aromatherapy after a long day. Apply up the lengths of fingers and around the nail bed, then massage.Photo: Courtesy of Uka

This is an oldie but a goodie that’s infused with jojoba oil and Vitamin E. A generous application is great for softening cuticles and moisturizing nails.Photo: Courtesy of CND

A cult-classic since 1963, this creamy salve encourages nail growth with a blend of natural lanolin, glycine soja protein, and lecithin. Its chic—and totable—logo compact makes regular on-the-go applications a breeze.Photo: Courtesy of Dior

The tea tree oil and amino acids in this 5-free formula deeply nourish nails while protecting against discoloration—and imparting a slight flicker of shine.Photo: Courtesy of Maxus

If you want a hint of neutral color to assist in your treatment ritual, this barely there nude with green tea leaf extract and hints of coconut oil is like a CC cream for your nails: it corrects damage while concealing imperfections.