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Common dental problems – Home Remedies

DIY Solutions to Common Dental Problems

Though we depend on them to crush, grind and cut through our food, teeth can actually be quite susceptible and easily suffer from a number of problems. While you can always go to the dentist for help, many common issues don’t actually need a professional’s help if you know what you’re doing. The following solutions are ones you can handle all on your own. Of course, if they don’t work, you may want to see a dentist for help. This info is courtesy of dentist Dr David Cashel at www.davidcashel.com

Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth can make daily life impossible. Everything from biting into a sandwich to drinking a cold glass of water can send lightning bolts of pain through your mouth and down your jaw. This is because of exposed nerve roots, which usually happens when your gums recede.

First, counterintuitive as it may seem, many dental products are doing more harm than good. Things like tartar control, whitening and even baking soda products are abrasive and may contain phosphates that increase sensitivity in your teeth.

Second, stop brushing so hard, as this is probably also hurting your teeth. Over time, those bristles begin ripping through the enamel, exposing the inside of your teeth to more painful stimulus.

If nothing else, you may need a prescription for a fluoride treatment. However, you’d be surprised how well the above DIY dental treatments work.

Lost Tooth

For many of us, it’s one of our greatest fears: losing a tooth. If you play a contact sport, you’re at a greater risk than most, but freak accidents can cause a tooth to leave the mouth in the blink of an eye.

If this ever happens to you, grab the tooth and rinse it off ASAP. Then immediately put it right back in the spot where it used to be. Next, you need a soft cloth or even a tea bag that’s been slightly moistened. Bite down on it gently so that the tooth has enough pressure to keep it in place.

When you knock a tooth out of place, periodontal ligaments are torn as a result. However, if you act quickly, some of them may be able to cling right back to the tooth. While this solution may often be enough, it’s still a good idea to use this DIY measure as a measure to take before visiting a dentist to have work done.

Burned Palate

Everyone has been there: you drank your coffee too quickly after pouring it. You couldn’t wait for that first slice of pizza. Whatever the reason, you ended up burning your palate and even after the excruciating pain is over, you tend to feel it for days.

Though most of us probably burn the inside of our mouths multiple times a year, it’s actually an issue you should treat fairly seriously. When your palate gets burned, it becomes more susceptible to infection. That’s why you should apply a corticosteroid paste to it as soon as you can. Kenalog in Orabase is a great choicethat will form a coating capable of protecting the burn and helping it heal quicker.

Burned Tongue

This affliction basically happens for the same reasons listed above. However, though the pain is very similar and the two may actually happen simultaneously, the way you address it needs to be a bit different. Use a solution of one tsp in a cup of water and swish it around. The salt will work to draw potential infections to the surface of the tongue and the water will wash it away. Plus, it’s a very soothing sensation.

Though the above issues can range from annoying to scary, chances are that all you need to deal with them may be nearby.