Create the Illusion of More Space In A Small Bedroom

I’ve recently moved in to a new flat, and I’ve been looking to get some tips on the best ways to make the most of the rather limited space in my new bedroom. I asked my friends over at for some tips, and they’ve kindly given me some great tips!

So your bedroom isn’t as spacious as you would have liked, but don’t let this stop you from transforming it into a stylish sanctuary! If you don’t have a lot of space in your room, all you have to do is fake it. The key to making your small area appear more spacious than it really is, is to take advantage of visual cheats. How, you might ask? The answer is simple – you need to trick the eye. To make your bedroom seem larger than it actually is, try these easy yet effective interior design tricks:

Use mirrors to reflect light. You can do this by hanging a large, decorative mirror on your wall, or by displaying a standing dressing mirror in a corner of your room. Not only will your space look larger, but the mirror will also come in handy when you’re getting dressed.

Choose bright paint colours. For small spaces, the lighter the colour, the better. While dark colours make spaces seem confined and small, bright colours, such as a simple white, seem to expand the area. If white is too stark or boring for you, choose light Gray or even a pastel colour for a softer touch. To get the same effect with a creative twist, you can do white walls with a light-coloured wall trim or bedroom door.

Feature vertical lines. Playing with planes using vertical or horizontal aspects is an essential element of interior design. When the eye sees vertical lines in a room, it gives a sense of height to the area’s dimension. This makes the eye believe that there is more space than there really is. Easily add vertical elements to your small bedroom using furniture to its maximum advantage. Tall headboards, canopy-post bed frames, or narrow bookshelves and dressers are must-have furniture objects that can effortlessly add space to your room.

Go sheer. Windows and doors can give a confined, enclosed look to a room, which isn’t a good thing if you’re low on space as it is. Instead of hanging dark-coloured or print curtains, choose sheer drapes to soften the effect of confinement in your room. For a fun, airy accent, replace your closet doors with flowing, sheer drapes and enjoy the feeling of spaciousness!

Now that you know how to trick the eye into creating more space, get to work in that small bedroom of yours! Incorporate these simple interior design elements and you’ll soon have the spacious room sanctuary you’ve always dreamed of – or at least you’ll feel that way!