My Next Beauty Treatment – Dental Bonding

Oftentimes we enjoy eating sweets, biting chewy candies and munching on hard stuff like frozen chocolates or ice cubes, forgetting that we are endangering a tooth from getting chipped.

But in case you already have, you need not worry because you can undergo a cosmetic dentistry procedure called dental bonding.

Dental bonding is a method wherein a composite resin that is the same colour as your teeth is used to fill in gaps or repair a chipped, broken or cracked tooth.

So how exactly is the cosmetic dentistry procedure called bonding done?

  1. First, the dentist will use a shade guide to pick out the colour of the composite resin that would closely match the colour of your tooth. Dental anaesthesia may only be necessary once the bonding procedure is being done to a decaying tooth.
  2. Once the colour of the composite resin has been chosen, the dentist will now roughen the surface of the tooth, after which a conditioning liquid that will help the bonding material stick to the tooth would then be applied.
  3. When the tooth is ready, the dentist will cover it with a putty-like resin that is the same colour as your tooth.  This resin will be moulded and smoothed until it’s in the appropriate shape.
  4. The moulded and smoothed resin will then be hardened using a laser or an ultraviolet light, after which a further trimming and shaping will be done.
  5. The dentist will then polish the material for it to equal the sheen of the remainder of the tooth’s surface.

Usually, it would take thirty minutes to about an hour for the procedure to get completed.

So if more than one tooth needs to have this cosmetic dentistry procedure, you might want to consider scheduling a certain number of visits.

For more information on cosmetic dentistry we recommend visiting the David Cashel dental website. They’ve provided plenty of information about the latest cosmetic dental treatments and I really learned a lot!